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A 30 minute Aerial Silk & Dance Piece to be 

performed outdoors during the day, with beautifull 

 Piano composition, Jazz

an electronic sounds. 

The Artist seeks incur a labyrinth of

surreal imagery to push the limits of the ordinary perception of the body.

The power of expression, and the irrational content opens the door to new forms that activate the imagination, and take the viewer to travel trough his consciousness. The performer ́s body materializes figures that are drawn thorough her sense experience, and the present is narrated by her movements. The performer explores an abstract and non-verbal language that is the Aerial Dance in silk to get into the transformation.

Inspired by the image of Alice falling into vacuum (Lewis Caroll) and the aesthetic of Fritz Freleng, the artist sets a sort of enthropy and brings to the spectator elements to create his/her own psychedellic fiction from the images that are presented: A Dancer suspended, drawing in the air with her dance, music, sounds and silence.

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